Before Permanently Delete My Facebook Account

28 November 2021

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Before Permanently Delete My Facebook Account

How to Close or Delete Facebook Account?You can find the permanent facebook account deletion process with all the details in this article. Things You Have to Know Before Deleting Facebook Account After deleting your account on Facebook, it cannot be restored in any way, and you should know that the pages and groups connected to your account will be completely deleted with the deletion of your account.

Since some activities you do on Facebook are not kept in your account, the messages you send to your friends and other similar activities can remain in the system as recorded.

When you delete your Facebook account, your profile will not appear on the Facebook search page at all.

Note: Only 14 days after deleting your account, if you do not take any action on your facebook account, you will see that your account is completely deleted.

Before Permanently Delete My Facebook Account*Before deleting Facebook, you must open the application settings and uncheck all the marked applications with the “x” on the side. The reason for this is that when you use applications connected with facebook, the deletion process is canceled due to the activity in your account.

 Click on the link below for Facebook App settings

After removing the apps from your facebook account, you can proceed to ‘permanently delete’ phase of  your facebook account.

When you click on the link, you need to enter your password and security code after deleting your account.

To remind again; After deleting your Facebook account, you should not log into your account in any way for 2 weeks. Once you have logged into your account, you will need to perform the account deletion process again.

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